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Monthly Archives: May 2007

“Universal Health Care”… who’s buying? At what “cost?” Hold on to your wallets!!!!


If it’s back in the news, it must be close to an election year. Healthcare is about 14% of the GDP and anything between “tinkering” and “an overhaul” is bound to have huge ripple effects. The Dems peanut gallery chimes in. Edwards and Obama want all children covered and all businesses to either offer health […]

Bribing Doctors.


Headlines in multiple newspapers proclaim “Doctors admit to bribes!” Read on, and you discover that, HORRORS, Doctors allowed a healthcare sales representative to BUY THEM A LUNCH. Goodness Gracious!!!! What will be next? Candidates running for public office being given obscene amounts of money by people who would like to see them elected for self-serving […]

TV in the Waiting Room.


When you walk into a doctor’s office, or any patient waiting area, when there’s a television on, go ahead and get comfortable, because you’re assured of a wait. Patients hate to wait on doctors as much as doctors hate to wait on patients. And office personnel get stuck in the middle. ER’s in some hospitals […]