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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Gold Stars


Remember when you’d get an assignment back from the teacher in elementary school and it would have a gold star on it?
Gold stars were given with care and received with joy. I always liked the gold ones. The silver ones were hard to see on paper. And the red ones… well…. just weren’t gold ones! […]

Fresh Cherry Pie vs. Cherry Jello; Your Choice?


Yesterday, my youngest daughter had a friend, “P.”, staying over to spend the night. Arriving home, I found two kids anxious to be dragged around behind a jet ski on the lake and I was in the house only long enough to learn that dessert was fresh cherry pie.
“P.,” Sally exclaimed, “we’ve got cherry pie for […]

Katie Couric’s Access to Care Story… tip of the iceberg


One of my blog readers shared an email he received from Doctors For Medical Liability Reform about Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News broadcast from a maternity ward in Philadelphia, (my Medical School Hometown), days before escalating medical liability concerns contributed to forcing the ward to close it’s doors. The story also goes on to tell […]

Cook Up Expertise!


I caught the edge of a great quote last evening. It was a woman’s voice, and I believe it may have come from something on The Food Network, the default channel on our television, but have no idea who said it. To paraphrase, “Great cooks are like great musicians. The really good ones don’t need […]

The Tyranny of Electronic Medical Records


The EMR movement has been touted to promote savings in healthcare dollars by eliminating redundant care with access to records, a way to compare performance of healthcare by standardization and uniformity, and with a seamless network to share data nationwide, despite ongoing concerns about privacy and who will have access  (authorized and unauthorized), and for […]

Lawyer vs. Doctor/Science vs. Humanities; Why Doctors WIPEOUT!!!


A few months ago I was speaking for a hospital TAP, (trustee, administrator, physician), executive retreat in New Orleans. One outstanding dinner was at Antoine’s but it was the food for thought that still lingers from a conversation with a physician and his wife, Donna. Donna’s a lawyer. This doctor/lawyer discussion was memorable and insightful.
There is an […]

LIVE AUDIO CONFERENCE: Risk Based Coding TM July 11


I’ll be giving a live audio conference on July 11, 2007 on my Risk Based Coding TM algorithm with Oakstone Publishing. Because I’m traveling to speak in California and later in Ohio, I’ll actually be in a hotel room in San Diego. So if you’d rather SEE and HEAR it live, shoot me an email […]

The REAL “Consumer” in Healthcare


When first entering the non-clinical “business of medicine” with my physician documentation education business, I had a conversation with David Berman, MD who was working with our hospital back in the 1990’s with his DRG consulting business. We discussed who the REAL healthcare consumer was. Today, it’s interesting to note the rise of “consumerism” in […]

Shi**y Jobs Fertilize Future Prospects


Monday morning I keynoted the Georgia Assoc. for Home Health Agencies (GAHHA) annual meeting on St. Simons Island. During lunch, I had the chance to have great conversation with Kay Smith, RN. Kay and her husband Hal were co-recipients of  the Captain C. C. Dudley Award  for “outstanding leadership and dedication in pursuit of excellence in provision of Home Health services […]

A WHAT Whistle~!!!???


I have two children in college and by now am a seasoned college-tour visitor.  And I thought I’d heard it all. But I was wrong. While the crowd of prospective students and families were busily chatting about the new iphone, ron paul, youtube, shakira, paul potts, facebook, and myspace, (all the kinds of things that are […]