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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Things Doctors Can’t Do: Stay Up Late


A physician’s life with its quirky particulars escapes most non-physicians. Even spouses of physicians sometimes don’t fully understand. So I thought I’d share a few insights with you from time to time to paint a picture of a physician’s world.
Last night, I stayed up until 2am reading a good book. As I put the book […]

MDPNN Launches!


Traffic reports as well as reader/listener feedback have confirmed it.
Parody Healthcare Podcasts are a hit.
So I’m pleased to announce the launch of MDPNN, MD Podcasting News Network, where you’ll now find all of these satirical podcasts collected with new additions expected frequently.
Visit to hear today’s lastest podcast on contradictory reports of coffee and […]

Spices to improve your health: Weight Loss, Libido, Memory, and Mood (MDPNN Special Report)


Spices, the kind you can get at your local supermarket, can affect your health. Dr. Dunaway gives you actual, real, medical/healthcare facts… then makes fun of ‘em anyway. So curl up next to your computer, get a spoonful of capsaican, (the stuff that makes you break out in a sweat when eating hot peppers), and […]

icon for podpress  Spices for your health [4:07m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Stethoscope Directions


I’ve got a six year old friend by the name of Wheaton who ended up in the hospital last week. He’s a delightfully precocious kid and wise beyond his years according to his mom. He also has decided he’s going to be a doctor.
As a ‘get well’ token, I send Wheaton a stethoscope. A real […]

Pseudo-Science New-Age Techno-Babble B.S. written RANT!


We see it in our spam. We hear it on the radio and TV. We listen to it in a variety of New Age topics from Amazing Aspirin effects to Meditation to Yoga. And it’s the same snake-oil in a different package from time immemorial.
I just got spammed with an offer to watch Cholesterol go […]

Are you Communicating?… or merely Tapping?


Elizabeth Newton, Ph.D. earned her Stanford University doctorate in 1990 by taking a group of volunteers and dividing them into two groups. “Tappers” and “Listeners.” Here’s what she had them do.
The tappers were given a list of 25 well known songs, (Happy Birthday, etc.), and were asked to select one song and then tap out […]

The “Product” is not the same as the “Offer.”


The product, (or service), is what is ultimately delivered to a customer/client/patient/buyer. But the “offers” to sell the product/service are as numerous as imagination allows. The “offer” may be a “limited time only!” offer, or a “two for the price of one!” offer, or a “credit cards accepted!” offer. The offer is a sweetner to […]

Hey, It’s Not My Fault I’m Fat… A Virus Made Me Fat! (MDPNN Podcast)


Like Twinkies? Ring-Dings? Little Debbie Snack Cakes? Tastykakes? No self-control? Hey, relax! Now you’ve got something to blame rather than your own eating and lifestyle habits. Let’s blame it in an EVIL VIRUS!!!! Dr. Tray Dunaway demystifies the real reason people are overweight and to take the pressure off your psyche and back on […]

icon for podpress  It's not your fault you're fat... blame it on an EVIL VIRUS! [3:53m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Women Dying for Breast Implants (A MDPNN Podcast)


What can big artificial breasts get women? According to a recent study, breast augmentation not only can make women more popular in bars but is associated with a three fold increase in suicide as well as drug and alcohol abuse. Join Dr. Tray Dunaway reporting for MD Podcasting News Network as he tackles this sensitive […]

icon for podpress  Women Dying for Breast Augmentation [3:51m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

How Is Your Rx Working?


Woudn’t it be great if we simply knew what to do for any situation and just could execute a plan knowing that we’d get the results we want?
Sometimes, I think my patients are under that misconception. That, depending on what the problem is, there is one solution that will fix the problem.
¬†Well, that’s not how, medicine, […]