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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Going through the motions


My youngest daughter had “summer assignments” to plague us this summer. Not only was the summer vacation shorter, but it’s always a delight when there are the dreaded summer assignments. Do junior high teachers really think children will forget how to read in a little over eight weeks? Do they think that they will forget […]

Where Hope Lives


I’ve had the honor to speak to three groups of caregivers today at the Memphis VA Hospital. Nurses, physicians, and other clinical caregivers.
This hospital is one of three major spinal cord injury VA hospitals in the country and these are very special people. One nurse I spoke to said she’d been trying to retire for […]

9/11 Anniversary of Independence Day


Do you remember where you were six years ago, yesterday?
I do.
Six years ago, like today, I was on the road.
I was getting ready to speak to a breakout audience of the Medical Association of Kentucky’s Annual meeting and just stepped off an elevator onto the lobby floor of a Lexington hotel when my phone […]

Growing Pains


For someone who tries to post a blog entry five times a week, I haven’t succeeded very well this week. But I needed to get out of town to give you, dear reader, this one.
Having my laptop hard drive crash, (replacement on the way from California), simultaneously with the upgrade of the office’s server and […]

Machine vs. Complaining Employee


I guess I woudn’t want to be a toll booth operator, but it would be better than unemployment.
Last weekend, Jane and I took our daughter Eliza to college in Upstate NY and stopped at a variety of toll booths once we crossed north of the Mason-Dixon Line. On two occasions, we were greeted, well, perhaps […]

5 Rules to Succeed More Often


“I didn’t win and I don’t know how they could have picked someone else over me, I was clearly the best choice.”
Why don’t we always get to win the prize, be selected at an audition, or have our proposals selected?
How can we win more often?
While there’s no surefire way of always being chosen the “winner,” […]