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Growing Pains

For someone who tries to post a blog entry five times a week, I haven’t succeeded very well this week. But I needed to get out of town to give you, dear reader, this one.

Having my laptop hard drive crash, (replacement on the way from California), simultaneously with the upgrade of the office’s server and my own workplace computer has crimped my posting this week severely. And, naturally, the “simple” job of replacing my desk computer and server, (to upgrade to video posting capabilities for the blogs), predictabilty turned out more difficult and time consuming than thought.

Fortunately, here in Memphis, the night before a series of presentations to the VA Hospital on “Customer Service” to general, nursing, and physician staff, affords me the use of internet access and a computer I can use for a few minutes.

Growing pains are part of personal and business lives. The alternative is no growth. And “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.”

Success is hinged on the willingness to constantly reasses, adapt, upgrade, and adopt new theories, tools, and techniques. As a physician, speaker, or businessman looking for opportunities to do old things in a new, improved, better way always incurs cost.

When I learned to do a pre-peritoneal laprosopic inguinal herrnioraphy, my first attempts took hours. “Bring a cot and a lunch bag,” I’d tease my operative team, “it’s going to take a while.!” Eventually, I got good at it. And not just good, slick. And could give my patients a technique, initially, they coudn’t find anywhere else in the entire State of Scouth Carolina.

Creating presentations on “customer/patient” satisfaction and service took months of effort to connect well with a variety of different audiences of “dots” in healthcare settings, but now I can connect clinical excellence to service excellence in a unique way that helps hospitals meet challenges to pass Medicare “Service Report Cards” with flying colors.

And when I can, as a businessman, create audio and video products easier, and more profitability, throgh the adoption of new technologies, even those requiring the pain of computer upgrades, I know I’ll bring value to my clients and customers.

Suffering through growing pains is the price we all pay for improved success. No pain no gain? I’m glad I’ve got new growing pains… that means I’ll be better next week, than I am today.

That said, it’s good to leave the office computer overhaul in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing… and when I get back home Thursday, I’ll enjoy the fruits of my newest investment to keep me alive and growing!

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