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Monthly Archives: October 2007

100,000 Lives Campaign “Failure”


Well it hasn’t been. It’s been an amazing success. But why? To a large degree it’s been from the formation and use of rapid response teams. RRT works like this: ANYONE, from a housekeeper to a physician, from a nurse to an administrator, can call a RRT effort. But embracing “failure” has been key to […]

Healthcare’s 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Fail


Over the past weeks, I’ve had the “perfect storm” to think through a few ideas. I’ve shared the platform with Lt. Col. John Nance, who speaks on adopting aviation safety ideas to healthcare, Dr. Jeff Bauer, a healthcare futurist, and also listen to a variety of speakers in a symposium on innovation. And combining these […]

High Tech vs. High Touch


I was speaking at a regional healthcare summit that included five hospitals as well as a number of other businesses of healthcare. Jeff Bauer, Ph.D. spoke on the future of healthcare as becoming more and more high tech. That clinical trials have supported through evidence based medicine improve patient outcomes.
There was an under-rumbing of mutterings. ”High touch […]

Alternative Medicine vs. “Complimentary Medicine”


There is a shift in western medicine that will open doors of exploration and discovery.
I’ve noticed, “alternative medicine” is now being increasingly described as “complimentary medicine.”
This is good.
It means that when physicians start looking at things they don’t know, they’re more inclined to stop labeling “alternatives” to western medicine, as “complimentary.” Something that may compliment […]

Making Waves, (or Melting Ice)


While in Liberal, Kansas, I presented some ideas to the board of directors and attended the public session of the board meeting. The director of maintenance made an request for an item that was not budgeted.
With winter coming, they needed to replace what they currently use to apply salt and sand to the parking lots […]

How To Catch Wild Hogs… a Medicare Parable


This month has been a blur of travel and I was in Kansas last week… or was it two weeks ago? I had the chance to catch up with my friend Sharon Nelson when returning to Liberal, Kansas to speak. Sharon told me how to catch wild hogs.  A lesson doctors can relate to with […]

Homecare Brings Patient Back from “DEATH!”


Teri Robotti, the physician liaison of the VNA of Vero Beach Florida, related a great story about the value of homecare and I thought I’d share it with you here on the blog.
“Joe” was a “frequent flyer” at his local hospital. Discharges resulting in unsupervised care at home lead to inevitable clinical deterioration and subsequent frequent […]

The Imperitive for Teaching the Ying and the Yang of Medicine


Becoming a physician is a daunting challenge. The amount of science, (that changes significantly every five years), to digest and apply to create clinical excellence is a herculean task. But clinical excellence, alone, is not enough to succeed in the “business.”
As a healthcare consultant I stress the balance between clinical excellence and patient satisfaction. The balance between […]

HOMECARE! Get your doctors to stop discharging patients to HOME!


Bill Langley attended the our recent three day conference for training and certification of the homecare sales professional designation in San Antonio. He asked me to share with a colleague my AD Van Disselt concept. I thought others might also appreciate the concept.
How do you get physicians to recognize the value homecare provides both physician […]

What makes promotional items POP!


I’m a strong believer in the “trail of tangibles.” Promotional material that I give to clients from time to time to simply remind them that 1. I’m still in business and 2. I think of them often, and well, enough to want to send them something to keep them thinking of me.
While getting directions from […]