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About This Blog

We are all, together, in an interconnected matrix of “dots” in the ecosystem of healthcare. Our individual perception of the ecosystem is a function of what “dot” we are at a specific moment. What is (are) your dot(s)? Physician? Hospital? Business of Healthcare? Staff Employee? Payer? Nurse? Or perhaps a Patient dot? These are just a few of an exponentially growing list of “dots” as specialization and division of “dots” continues.


Through this process of separation, healthcare has become fragmented and as a result, weakened. Arguably, the most expensive healthcare system in the world is not the “best.” Chronic disease is increasing, costs are skyrocketing, dissatisfaction (patient and provider alike) with our healthcare system is increasing, and inefficiencies waste time and resources (patient and provider alike).


Mutual Value Integration(MVI), is a pathway to better connectivity for all the “dots of healthcare” to create a patient centered healthcare ecosystem. Like a multivitamin, MVI is a catalyst to improve life giving/saving reactions through three elements. Improving communication. Pursuing and promoting better business chemistry between the “dots.” Honoring the contribution of all the “dots” improving the healthcare “system” or simply the healthcare of a single “dot.”


Patient “satisfaction” is impacted by physician satisfaction as well as staff satisfaction. A litigious culture increases healthcare cost in many ways other than simply money. A failure for patients to take ownership and responsibility of personal health creates profound ripple effects in the ecosystem that affect providers, payers, and industry. Changes in reimbursement affect all “dots” in an ecosystem increasingly evolving from economic pressures. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. It is up to us to acknowledge the connectivity and work to improve the connectivity for the good of all the “dots” to reduce fragmentation and provide better patient centered excellence.


This blog is dedicated to improving communication between “dots” of healthcare. In an ecosystem, changes occurring to one “dot” will invariably affect other “dots” beyond our ability to immediately recognize and shift delicate balances in the healthcare ecosystem. Rather than creating a “single dot” focus, this blog will address current events in healthcare that affect multiple “dots” immediately as well as over time. By allowing individual “dots” an opportunity to hear, and respond to, different “dot perspectives,” awareness, understanding, and a “healthcare ecological sense” may be gained to benefit all of us, together.



Don’t see your dot? Let us know and we’ll add your dot to the ever-expanding ecosystem of healthcare to improve your connectivity.

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