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About Dr. D

TRAY DUNAWAY is a surgeon, educator, entrepreneur and dotsultant.
Dunaway is author of a bundle of books and tools that evolved into the Dunaway Documentation System to streamline the E&M documentation-reimbursement process for physicians as well as boost DRG revenue for hospitals. Color it win-win. He discovered the real secret to success was not in teaching old, (and new), docs new tricks, but rather to strengthen the relationships between physicians and all the other “dots of healthcare.”

After establishing his Risk Based Coding™ algorithm, he took a stroll on the “dark side” and became a compliance officer to make sure his algorithm wouldn’t result in getting collect phone calls from doctors in jail who had used his system. These experiences formulated the basis of his “dots of healthcare” concepts.
With his insight into physician behavior and relations, Dr. Tray began consulting in the homecare industry in 2002. Today, according to Val Halamandaris, the founding and executive director of the National Assoc. of Homecare and Hospice since 1982, Dr. Tray is the “most nationally recognized physician name in homecare today.” Remaining a staunch and passionate advocate of homecare and hospice, his consulting has extended to other businesses of medicine as he continues to “connect the dots of healthcare.”
Dr. Dunaway serves on the faculty of the SC Hospital Association’s Management Academy, MUSC’s Allied College of Healthcare Profession’s Board, as well as his local board of the National Bank of South Carolina. He writes columns for Caring, Respiratory Management, and Radius Magazine; Tray is a renowned speaker as well. He has attained the highest earned speaking designation of the National Speakers Association: the CSP, and is the only current physician in the elite membership of 500 CSP’s worldwide and the first ever surgeon to hold this distinction. To date, his speaking has taken him to 43 states, (still needs to speak in AK, OR, ND, DE, NE, RI, VT) and 5 countries. Dr. Tray is consistently rated among the very best speakers by the audiences he addresses.

Dr. Dunaway holds an MD from the University of Pennsylvania, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Duke University, and is a board certified general surgeon.
His latest book, (a manual, actually), How to get More of Your Doctors to More of Your Meetings has resulted in increased physician meeting participation nationwide. It’s all about how hospitals can transform themselves by becoming better connected with their physicians, as well as other “dots of healthcare.”

His experience as a physician Katrina volunteer resulted in Healthcare Passport a paper based, personal medical record, and a business his son Michael directs. Dr. Tray is CEO of Healthcare Value, Inc. and owns his own publishing business, Rebel Records, Inc.

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