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What Flavor are YOU?


They were sprawled out on the sectional sofa like scattered laundry, mandibles hidden behind $1.29 plastic bags of frozen peas, eyes slitted, bodies immobile.
My two oldest children had a end-of-summer-before-college-begins preemptive assault on wisdom teeth this morning. As this surgeon played the role of the nurse, Jane went to the grocery store to get a […]

Are you a “Rev” or “Non-Rev”?


I was speaking at a practice management seminar today in Ohio and had the opportunity to listen in to a customer service program. The point was about “customers.” A primary care physician, (PCP), has one “customer,” his or her patient. When the patient is referred to a specialist, the specialist now has two customers. The […]

Lawyer vs. Doctor/Science vs. Humanities; Why Doctors WIPEOUT!!!


A few months ago I was speaking for a hospital TAP, (trustee, administrator, physician), executive retreat in New Orleans. One outstanding dinner was at Antoine’s but it was the food for thought that still lingers from a conversation with a physician and his wife, Donna. Donna’s a lawyer. This doctor/lawyer discussion was memorable and insightful.
There is an […]