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Growing Pains


For someone who tries to post a blog entry five times a week, I haven’t succeeded very well this week. But I needed to get out of town to give you, dear reader, this one.
Having my laptop hard drive crash, (replacement on the way from California), simultaneously with the upgrade of the office’s server and […]

Machine vs. Complaining Employee


I guess I woudn’t want to be a toll booth operator, but it would be better than unemployment.
Last weekend, Jane and I took our daughter Eliza to college in Upstate NY and stopped at a variety of toll booths once we crossed north of the Mason-Dixon Line. On two occasions, we were greeted, well, perhaps […]

The “Product” is not the same as the “Offer.”


The product, (or service), is what is ultimately delivered to a customer/client/patient/buyer. But the “offers” to sell the product/service are as numerous as imagination allows. The “offer” may be a “limited time only!” offer, or a “two for the price of one!” offer, or a “credit cards accepted!” offer. The offer is a sweetner to […]

What Flavor are YOU?


They were sprawled out on the sectional sofa like scattered laundry, mandibles hidden behind $1.29 plastic bags of frozen peas, eyes slitted, bodies immobile.
My two oldest children had a end-of-summer-before-college-begins preemptive assault on wisdom teeth this morning. As this surgeon played the role of the nurse, Jane went to the grocery store to get a […]



August + Wal*Mart + Back to School = Protractor Purchase
My wife commented that this may be the last year we buy the annual pencil case to be filled with the additional new purchases of colored pencils, mini-stapler, brand new #2 pencils, a compass, and of course, the protractor.
For the life of me, I don’t know […]

Help is NOT Coming


Monday night, I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Shawano, Wisconsin, (Free breakfast, free internet access, btw… in relationship to my posting yesterday.)  A reasonable substitute for my preferred choice when no Hampton Inns are nearby. The Comfort Inn also had an interesting sign next to the third floor elevator and stairwell.
It reads “Rescue Assistance […]

Free Stuff


I like, no, love free stuff.
I’m in Wisconsin and staying at the Hampton Inn in Appleton. I like staying at Hampton Inns because I get free stuff at Hampton Inns.
Well, it’s not free. I pay for it alright, but the stuff just feels free. And that’s all that really matters, how someone feels.
I stay at […]

What you don’t know CAN hurt you… so don’t shoot the messenger.


In seafaring days before the puzzle of calculating accurate longitudes was solved by the accuracy of John Harrison’s chronograph in the 18th Century, as author Dana Sobel puts it in her book entitled Longitude, “every great captain in the Age of Exploration became lost at sea despite the best available charts and compasses.” In fact, […]

How Do You Make Something From NOTHING???


Over the weekend, my wife and I spent some time with our friends John and Sylvia visiting from Connecticut. Sylvia is an English professor at Fairfield University in Connecticut and John is a mechanical engineer who has embarked on a remarkable project here in Camden. John has been investing, and re-inventing real estate, both in […]

My Patients ARE Customers Too


I read with great interest a recent editorial by Dr. Scott Haig, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons who also is in private practice in the New York City area. The piece appeared in Time online and you can read it here.
I saw a reflection of […]