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My Patients ARE Customers Too


I read with great interest a recent editorial by Dr. Scott Haig, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons who also is in private practice in the New York City area. The piece appeared in Time online and you can read it here.
I saw a reflection of […]

Those Who Finish First, Launches “New and Improved” Faster


I’m working on a new project. But the nature of doing new things, changing myself and my business, is fraught with frustrations. Technical glitches, learning new applications, discovering differences between what you thought you had to do and what you actually needed to do are all part of the process of launching new products or […]

Are you a “Rev” or “Non-Rev”?


I was speaking at a practice management seminar today in Ohio and had the opportunity to listen in to a customer service program. The point was about “customers.” A primary care physician, (PCP), has one “customer,” his or her patient. When the patient is referred to a specialist, the specialist now has two customers. The […]