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Doctor Shortage? You do the Math!


Last week found me in the beautiful snow-scape of State College, Pennsylvania, speaking to the Pennsylvania Mountains Health Alliance, a consortium of 15 regional hospitals. There were a number of highlights… not the least included enjoying snow that we don’t see much of in South Carolina, having a great dinner with a number of the CEO’s […]

If he’s got time to write USAToday a letter to the editor, how come he’s not writing on his blog?


I am recovering from blog-writing-burnout.

When I started my blog last summer, my travel schedule permitted, (read, “I had a very slow speaking schedule last summer”), daily entries. But, fortunately, my speaking schedule picked up…. and now is literally zooming. We just booked the 12th engagement for June yesterday. This summer will be my busiest ever.  ”But […]

100,000 Lives Campaign “Failure”


Well it hasn’t been. It’s been an amazing success. But why? To a large degree it’s been from the formation and use of rapid response teams. RRT works like this: ANYONE, from a housekeeper to a physician, from a nurse to an administrator, can call a RRT effort. But embracing “failure” has been key to […]

How To Catch Wild Hogs… a Medicare Parable


This month has been a blur of travel and I was in Kansas last week… or was it two weeks ago? I had the chance to catch up with my friend Sharon Nelson when returning to Liberal, Kansas to speak. Sharon told me how to catch wild hogs.  A lesson doctors can relate to with […]

Growing Pains


For someone who tries to post a blog entry five times a week, I haven’t succeeded very well this week. But I needed to get out of town to give you, dear reader, this one.
Having my laptop hard drive crash, (replacement on the way from California), simultaneously with the upgrade of the office’s server and […]

Machine vs. Complaining Employee


I guess I woudn’t want to be a toll booth operator, but it would be better than unemployment.
Last weekend, Jane and I took our daughter Eliza to college in Upstate NY and stopped at a variety of toll booths once we crossed north of the Mason-Dixon Line. On two occasions, we were greeted, well, perhaps […]

Stethoscope Directions


I’ve got a six year old friend by the name of Wheaton who ended up in the hospital last week. He’s a delightfully precocious kid and wise beyond his years according to his mom. He also has decided he’s going to be a doctor.
As a ‘get well’ token, I send Wheaton a stethoscope. A real […]

How Is Your Rx Working?


Woudn’t it be great if we simply knew what to do for any situation and just could execute a plan knowing that we’d get the results we want?
Sometimes, I think my patients are under that misconception. That, depending on what the problem is, there is one solution that will fix the problem.
 Well, that’s not how, medicine, […]

What Flavor are YOU?


They were sprawled out on the sectional sofa like scattered laundry, mandibles hidden behind $1.29 plastic bags of frozen peas, eyes slitted, bodies immobile.
My two oldest children had a end-of-summer-before-college-begins preemptive assault on wisdom teeth this morning. As this surgeon played the role of the nurse, Jane went to the grocery store to get a […]

Our Own Worst Enemies


I had an interesting discussion with a savvy physician leader this week. Dean and I were discussing how downright, well… petty physicians can be.
Hey, and that’s not “physicians” like I’m referring to “other physicians,” it’s me included.
We make comments about other physicians because of our frustrations or even just because we’re having a bad day. […]