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Where Hope Lives


I’ve had the honor to speak to three groups of caregivers today at the Memphis VA Hospital. Nurses, physicians, and other clinical caregivers.
This hospital is one of three major spinal cord injury VA hospitals in the country and these are very special people. One nurse I spoke to said she’d been trying to retire for […]

Collapsing Roadway Bridges Aren’t the Only Bridges in Danger of Falling


In the wake of the a national tragedy, and shame, the collapse of the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis, our The State newspaper today is pointing out the fact that more than 1,000 South Carolina bridges have the same deficiency rating as the one that came down yesterday in Minnesota. I’m sure this is applicable for many […]

My Patients ARE Customers Too


I read with great interest a recent editorial by Dr. Scott Haig, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons who also is in private practice in the New York City area. The piece appeared in Time online and you can read it here.
I saw a reflection of […]

What do you expect from CMS?


I recently did a keynote presentation for the Ohio State Medical Association and a breakout session on my Risk Based Coding TM algorithm. Between the programs I visited the vendor displays to see what’s new.
OK….. I didn’t do this to “see what’s new.”
I was trolling for “snags.” Since my youngest daughter was little, she’d always […]

Separation of Medicine from State


Ex-Surgeon General , Richard Carmona, MD, has testified that the president’s administration had muzzled him on a number of healthcare topics because he alleges topics that didn’t fit in ideologically, theologically, or politically, were “often ignored, marginalized, or simply buried.” The current Surgeon General nominee, James Holsinger, Jr., MD is being grilled over if he’s […]

Why did HCFA change its name to CMS?


Why indeed?
The government had a perfectly good name, HCFA, (hic-faah), to descibe the Healthcare Financing Administration.
Then, a few years ago, they changed the name to CMS, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
So CMS = Centers for Medicare and medcaid Services…. or does it mean Centers for medicare and Medicaid Services.
 Take your choice. But the question […]

The Tyranny of Electronic Medical Records


The EMR movement has been touted to promote savings in healthcare dollars by eliminating redundant care with access to records, a way to compare performance of healthcare by standardization and uniformity, and with a seamless network to share data nationwide, despite ongoing concerns about privacy and who will have access  (authorized and unauthorized), and for […]