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When is a dead tree “natural” or “an usightly nuisance?”


I should have taken a picture of it… but it wasn’t worth the electrons… even to illustrate my point.
So picture this. Yellowstone National Park, Old Faithful Geyser. Between TWO SIDEWALKS, dead trees lying among other trees.
I asked the ranger what’s with the dead trees. I suspected he’d reply and indeed he did when he said, […]

Take a Lesson from a Geyser, Consistency Pays


It’s curious I should blog about something that I immediately recognized two weeks ago… but for a number of reasons, really couldn’t act on. It’s been driving me crazy. Because I’m writing about something that is the exact opposite of what I’ve been able to deliver for three weeks.
Sure, I haven’t posted anything in about […]

Back in the Saddle… Again


Obviously, I’ve been away. What do you get when you put a computer upgrade together with a new server, AND, a busy speaking schedule? About three weeks of no blog postings and no email capabilities for over ten days.
The good news is that the server and new desktop computers are up and running and yes, […]

Going through the motions


My youngest daughter had “summer assignments” to plague us this summer. Not only was the summer vacation shorter, but it’s always a delight when there are the dreaded summer assignments. Do junior high teachers really think children will forget how to read in a little over eight weeks? Do they think that they will forget […]

9/11 Anniversary of Independence Day


Do you remember where you were six years ago, yesterday?
I do.
Six years ago, like today, I was on the road.
I was getting ready to speak to a breakout audience of the Medical Association of Kentucky’s Annual meeting and just stepped off an elevator onto the lobby floor of a Lexington hotel when my phone […]

5 Rules to Succeed More Often


“I didn’t win and I don’t know how they could have picked someone else over me, I was clearly the best choice.”
Why don’t we always get to win the prize, be selected at an audition, or have our proposals selected?
How can we win more often?
While there’s no surefire way of always being chosen the “winner,” […]

Things Doctors Can’t Do: Stay Up Late


A physician’s life with its quirky particulars escapes most non-physicians. Even spouses of physicians sometimes don’t fully understand. So I thought I’d share a few insights with you from time to time to paint a picture of a physician’s world.
Last night, I stayed up until 2am reading a good book. As I put the book […]

MDPNN Launches!


Traffic reports as well as reader/listener feedback have confirmed it.
Parody Healthcare Podcasts are a hit.
So I’m pleased to announce the launch of MDPNN, MD Podcasting News Network, where you’ll now find all of these satirical podcasts collected with new additions expected frequently.
Visit to hear today’s lastest podcast on contradictory reports of coffee and […]

Pseudo-Science New-Age Techno-Babble B.S. written RANT!


We see it in our spam. We hear it on the radio and TV. We listen to it in a variety of New Age topics from Amazing Aspirin effects to Meditation to Yoga. And it’s the same snake-oil in a different package from time immemorial.
I just got spammed with an offer to watch Cholesterol go […]

Are you Communicating?… or merely Tapping?


Elizabeth Newton, Ph.D. earned her Stanford University doctorate in 1990 by taking a group of volunteers and dividing them into two groups. “Tappers” and “Listeners.” Here’s what she had them do.
The tappers were given a list of 25 well known songs, (Happy Birthday, etc.), and were asked to select one song and then tap out […]