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Help is NOT Coming


Monday night, I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Shawano, Wisconsin, (Free breakfast, free internet access, btw… in relationship to my posting yesterday.)  A reasonable substitute for my preferred choice when no Hampton Inns are nearby. The Comfort Inn also had an interesting sign next to the third floor elevator and stairwell.
It reads “Rescue Assistance […]

Easy for you to say… Language of Healthcare Misnomers


There are different “languages of healthcare.” Clinicians speak patient language but often don’t speak the healthcare language of regulation, quality, or finance. It pays to understand and effectively translate from one dialect to another. For instance, “medical necessity” may sound “clinical” but it’s really financial. For CMS, “medical necessity” doesn’t mean something that’s “medically necessary,” […]

SNEAK PEEK! New CMS Hospital Reimbursement HCAHPS Based Guidelines


Do you remember when HCFA, (a.k.a. CMS), released new documentation guidelines about ten years ago…. And then a few years later released “new” guidelines but promised to eventually release a totally revamped version… but you’ve been puzzled why that, frankly, never materialized? Well, it turns out the reason they’ve taken so long in “updating” those […]