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Homecare Brings Patient Back from “DEATH!”


Teri Robotti, the physician liaison of the VNA of Vero Beach Florida, related a great story about the value of homecare and I thought I’d share it with you here on the blog.
“Joe” was a “frequent flyer” at his local hospital. Discharges resulting in unsupervised care at home lead to inevitable clinical deterioration and subsequent frequent […]

HOMECARE! Get your doctors to stop discharging patients to HOME!


Bill Langley attended the our recent three day conference for training and certification of the homecare sales professional designation in San Antonio. He asked me to share with a colleague my AD Van Disselt concept. I thought others might also appreciate the concept.
How do you get physicians to recognize the value homecare provides both physician […]

Fresh Cherry Pie vs. Cherry Jello; Your Choice?


Yesterday, my youngest daughter had a friend, “P.”, staying over to spend the night. Arriving home, I found two kids anxious to be dragged around behind a jet ski on the lake and I was in the house only long enough to learn that dessert was fresh cherry pie.
“P.,” Sally exclaimed, “we’ve got cherry pie for […]

Shi**y Jobs Fertilize Future Prospects


Monday morning I keynoted the Georgia Assoc. for Home Health Agencies (GAHHA) annual meeting on St. Simons Island. During lunch, I had the chance to have great conversation with Kay Smith, RN. Kay and her husband Hal were co-recipients of  the Captain C. C. Dudley Award  for “outstanding leadership and dedication in pursuit of excellence in provision of Home Health services […]