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Homecare Brings Patient Back from “DEATH!”


Teri Robotti, the physician liaison of the VNA of Vero Beach Florida, related a great story about the value of homecare and I thought I’d share it with you here on the blog.
“Joe” was a “frequent flyer” at his local hospital. Discharges resulting in unsupervised care at home lead to inevitable clinical deterioration and subsequent frequent […]

HOMECARE! Get your doctors to stop discharging patients to HOME!


Bill Langley attended the our recent three day conference for training and certification of the homecare sales professional designation in San Antonio. He asked me to share with a colleague my AD Van Disselt concept. I thought others might also appreciate the concept.
How do you get physicians to recognize the value homecare provides both physician […]

How Concierges Plan Their OWN Hotel Meeting


A few weeks ago I was in San Antonio for an unprecedented four nights. Typically I only stay one or two nights when speaking, but I was one of three faculty along with Steven Tweed, CSP, and Michael Giudicissi for the first ever Homecare Sales Professional Certification training course.
San Antonio is a beautiful conference city […]

Divemaster Pedro’s Marketing and Sales Insight


Before retuning home from San Diego, my family and I stopped by to see two friends we made years ago on a dive trip in the Cayman Islands. At the time only my wife and I were certified divers. Now the whole gang, with the exception of my youngest daughter, are all certified. So when […]