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Collapsing Roadway Bridges Aren’t the Only Bridges in Danger of Falling


In the wake of the a national tragedy, and shame, the collapse of the I-35 Bridge in Minneapolis, our The State newspaper today is pointing out the fact that more than 1,000 South Carolina bridges have the same deficiency rating as the one that came down yesterday in Minnesota. I’m sure this is applicable for many […]

Permission to Change


I spoke to a very close friend last week about his contemplation of a major professional change. Bill has been a lawyer for almost twenty years and has grown beyond his job. He isn’t necessarily unhappy with his job, but he yearns for a change of pace and of location. His approach/avoidance problem is that […]

Lawyer vs. Doctor/Science vs. Humanities; Why Doctors WIPEOUT!!!


A few months ago I was speaking for a hospital TAP, (trustee, administrator, physician), executive retreat in New Orleans. One outstanding dinner was at Antoine’s but it was the food for thought that still lingers from a conversation with a physician and his wife, Donna. Donna’s a lawyer. This doctor/lawyer discussion was memorable and insightful.
There is an […]