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Machine vs. Complaining Employee


I guess I woudn’t want to be a toll booth operator, but it would be better than unemployment.
Last weekend, Jane and I took our daughter Eliza to college in Upstate NY and stopped at a variety of toll booths once we crossed north of the Mason-Dixon Line. On two occasions, we were greeted, well, perhaps […]

My Patients ARE Customers Too


I read with great interest a recent editorial by Dr. Scott Haig, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons who also is in private practice in the New York City area. The piece appeared in Time online and you can read it here.
I saw a reflection of […]

Are you a “Rev” or “Non-Rev”?


I was speaking at a practice management seminar today in Ohio and had the opportunity to listen in to a customer service program. The point was about “customers.” A primary care physician, (PCP), has one “customer,” his or her patient. When the patient is referred to a specialist, the specialist now has two customers. The […]

LIVE AUDIO CONFERENCE: Risk Based Coding TM July 11


I’ll be giving a live audio conference on July 11, 2007 on my Risk Based Coding TM algorithm with Oakstone Publishing. Because I’m traveling to speak in California and later in Ohio, I’ll actually be in a hotel room in San Diego. So if you’d rather SEE and HEAR it live, shoot me an email […]

Easy for you to say… Language of Healthcare Misnomers


There are different “languages of healthcare.” Clinicians speak patient language but often don’t speak the healthcare language of regulation, quality, or finance. It pays to understand and effectively translate from one dialect to another. For instance, “medical necessity” may sound “clinical” but it’s really financial. For CMS, “medical necessity” doesn’t mean something that’s “medically necessary,” […]

TV in the Waiting Room.


When you walk into a doctor’s office, or any patient waiting area, when there’s a television on, go ahead and get comfortable, because you’re assured of a wait. Patients hate to wait on doctors as much as doctors hate to wait on patients. And office personnel get stuck in the middle. ER’s in some hospitals […]