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How Concierges Plan Their OWN Hotel Meeting


A few weeks ago I was in San Antonio for an unprecedented four nights. Typically I only stay one or two nights when speaking, but I was one of three faculty along with Steven Tweed, CSP, and Michael Giudicissi for the first ever Homecare Sales Professional Certification training course.
San Antonio is a beautiful conference city […]

The Dirty Little Secret about “Motivational Speakers”


Sometimes I’m called a “motivational speaker.” Others have call me an “inspirational speaker.” Actually, I don’t care what they call me, as long as they call me!
Call NOW! Call DR. DUNAWAY NOW!!!! Book him for your next meeting NOW!!!! Call him toll free at 1-877-HCFA-SUX!!!!!
Sorry. Self-promotion is so ingrained it’s hard to get the little […]

NSA’s Family Affair


I am with my tribe, the National Speakers Association. Imagine 2,500 extroverts, professional speakers all, in an annual convention, for professional speakers, with professional speakers, about professional speakers, by professional speaker and you’ll have an astounding experience that simply can’t be matched by any meeting you’ve ever seen.
We’ve got ‘em all. Keynote speaker, close note […]