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Category Archives: pharmaceutical professionals

The “Product” is not the same as the “Offer.”


The product, (or service), is what is ultimately delivered to a customer/client/patient/buyer. But the “offers” to sell the product/service are as numerous as imagination allows. The “offer” may be a “limited time only!” offer, or a “two for the price of one!” offer, or a “credit cards accepted!” offer. The offer is a sweetner to […]

Divemaster Pedro’s Marketing and Sales Insight


Before retuning home from San Diego, my family and I stopped by to see two friends we made years ago on a dive trip in the Cayman Islands. At the time only my wife and I were certified divers. Now the whole gang, with the exception of my youngest daughter, are all certified. So when […]

Fresh Cherry Pie vs. Cherry Jello; Your Choice?


Yesterday, my youngest daughter had a friend, “P.”, staying over to spend the night. Arriving home, I found two kids anxious to be dragged around behind a jet ski on the lake and I was in the house only long enough to learn that dessert was fresh cherry pie.
“P.,” Sally exclaimed, “we’ve got cherry pie for […]

The REAL “Consumer” in Healthcare


When first entering the non-clinical “business of medicine” with my physician documentation education business, I had a conversation with David Berman, MD who was working with our hospital back in the 1990’s with his DRG consulting business. We discussed who the REAL healthcare consumer was. Today, it’s interesting to note the rise of “consumerism” in […]