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Michael Moore’s Sicko and the Bottom LINE


I’ve enjoyed hearing the healthy debate over Michael Moore’s newest movie, Sicko, and the discussions it has spawned. Fact is, not many of us have experienced healthcare in another country and when we do, it’s the healthcare an American experiences, not necessarily what a citizen of that country experiences. I don’t believe all Cubans experience […]

What do you expect from CMS?


I recently did a keynote presentation for the Ohio State Medical Association and a breakout session on my Risk Based Coding TM algorithm. Between the programs I visited the vendor displays to see what’s new.
OK….. I didn’t do this to “see what’s new.”
I was trolling for “snags.” Since my youngest daughter was little, she’d always […]

Separation of Medicine from State


Ex-Surgeon General , Richard Carmona, MD, has testified that the president’s administration had muzzled him on a number of healthcare topics because he alleges topics that didn’t fit in ideologically, theologically, or politically, were “often ignored, marginalized, or simply buried.” The current Surgeon General nominee, James Holsinger, Jr., MD is being grilled over if he’s […]