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Category Archives: Real healthcare facts - then we make fun of 'em!

Spices to improve your health: Weight Loss, Libido, Memory, and Mood (MDPNN Special Report)


Spices, the kind you can get at your local supermarket, can affect your health. Dr. Dunaway gives you actual, real, medical/healthcare facts… then makes fun of ‘em anyway. So curl up next to your computer, get a spoonful of capsaican, (the stuff that makes you break out in a sweat when eating hot peppers), and […]

icon for podpress  Spices for your health [4:07m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

Diet Drinks Make You FAT… and Worse! (A MDPNN Podcast)


A recent study reveals soft drinks, even diet drinks, can have deleterious health effects. In this podcast, Dr. Dunaway gives you the facts and then makes fun of ‘em.

icon for podpress  Soft Drinks, even Diet Drinks can make you FAT!! [3:19m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download