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Category Archives: Selling to/through physicians

The “Product” is not the same as the “Offer.”


The product, (or service), is what is ultimately delivered to a customer/client/patient/buyer. But the “offers” to sell the product/service are as numerous as imagination allows. The “offer” may be a “limited time only!” offer, or a “two for the price of one!” offer, or a “credit cards accepted!” offer. The offer is a sweetner to […]

Divemaster Pedro’s Marketing and Sales Insight


Before retuning home from San Diego, my family and I stopped by to see two friends we made years ago on a dive trip in the Cayman Islands. At the time only my wife and I were certified divers. Now the whole gang, with the exception of my youngest daughter, are all certified. So when […]

Fresh Cherry Pie vs. Cherry Jello; Your Choice?


Yesterday, my youngest daughter had a friend, “P.”, staying over to spend the night. Arriving home, I found two kids anxious to be dragged around behind a jet ski on the lake and I was in the house only long enough to learn that dessert was fresh cherry pie.
“P.,” Sally exclaimed, “we’ve got cherry pie for […]